Take Your Ski Jumpers to the Next Level.

Perfect your jumping techniques flight, landing and exit - through video-supported motion analysis and video feedback you optimize the training and achieve better competition results.

3 Reasons for Using Sports Software in Ski Jumping

More Effective Training

The video analysis software provides valuable information on movements and techniques and makes training, follow-up or competition preparation more efficient. It helps athletes to improve faster and to optimize their movements.

Objective Feedback

Evaluate movements and sequences directly with your ski jumpers - picture by picture. Or load your tagged scenes directly into the dropbox or any other platform. 

Compare the movements of one or more athletes. Play videos synchronously side by side or on top of each other. This allows you to analyze changes and training successes over a longer period of time.

Precise Analysis of Movements

Visualize and analyze motion sequences. For example, measure angles, distances and speeds in video. Motion sequences can thus be objectively evaluated.

Our Multi-Camera System for Ski Jumpers

Several cameras are permanently installed along the ramp. This makes feedback training and movement analysis even more effective. If desired, the system can also be expanded with flexible cameras.

Automatic tracking

Several cameras are installed at different positions on the hill and trigger automatically.

System Structure

This is how your multi-camera system could be built.

Flexible Cameras

More freedom with cameras that can be used flexibly.

The fully equipped multi-camera system - our utilius kiwano.