Optimize Your Handball Tactics for Your Next Match.

Make catching, throwing and dribbling even more effective. Improve your handball game in training and competition with utilius vs Handball. Our software was developed especially for handball - together with the German Handball Federation and the Institute for Applied Training Science in Leipzig.

The Most Important Key Functions at a Glance:

More Effective Training

The video analysis software provides valuable information for the follow-up of your own games as well as for the preparation for the next opponent.

Objective Feedback

Discuss what you see directly with your team. Or load your tagged scenes directly into the dropbox or any other platform.

Quickly Find the Key Moments of the Game

The tagging mask was developed especially for handball. Simply tag game scenes, save them and play them back comfortably. No need to watch the whole video again.


Manage Your Athletes

Create athletes and assign them all relevant characteristics (e.g. surname, first name, birthday, shirt number...) and then assemble your team from your squad.

Our Multi-Camera System for Handball Players

Do you want a little more? In addition to our software, we also offer a fully equipped multi-camera system - our utilius kiwano.

In the hall several cameras for several perspectives on the athletes are permanently installed. This makes feedback training and match analysis even more effective. If desired, flexibly usable cameras can be added to the system.

Tagging Made Easy

a tagging matrix adapted to handball enables the fast capture of scenes relevant to the game.

System Structure

Your future multi-camera system could be built like this.

Keep the Overview

A camera captures the entire playing field at a glance. So you always have an overview of every move.

The fully equipped multi-camera system - our utilius kiwano.