Optimize Your Tactics for the Next Basketball Match.

Make dribbling, dunking and fast break even more effective. Improve your basketball game in training and competition with utilius fairplay 5.

The Most Important Functions at a Glance

Quickly Find the Key Moments of the Game

Simply tag game scenes. Save comments and play them back easily. No need to watch the entire video again.

Share What You See with Your Team

Load your tagged scenes directly into the dropbox, or use any other platform.

Jazz up Your Presentation for the Next Team Meeting

Draw into the video or create individual small clips of the saved scenes. 

Our Multi-Camera System in Basketball

Several cameras will be permanently installed in the sports hall. This makes feedback training and movement analysis even more effective. If desired, flexibly usable cameras can be added to the system.

Different Perspectives

Get different viewing angles on your athletes for even better motion analysis.

System Structure

This is how your multi-camera system could be built.

Stationary Cameras

Several cameras are installed at different positions in the hall and record the players from different perspectives. So you keep the overview.

The fully equipped multi-camera system - our utilius kiwano.

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