Recognize Your Team's Potential in Hockey.

Make boxplay, powerplay and slap shots even more effective. Improve your ice hockey game in training and competition with utilius fairplay5.

The Most Important Functions at a Glance

More Effective Training

The video analysis software provides valuable information on movements and techniques and makes training, follow-up or competition preparation more efficient. It helps athletes improving faster and optimizing movement sequences.

Eishockey Software

Objective Feedback

Evaluate movements and sequences directly with your players - picture by picture. Or load your tagged scenes directly into the dropbox or any other platform.

Precise Analysis of Movements

Draw in the video. Create single small clips. Visualize and analyze motion sequences. For example, measure angles, distances and speeds in the video. Motion sequences can be evaluated objectively.

Highlights setzen_Videoanalyse Hockey

Our Multi-Camera System in Ice Hockey

Several cameras will be permanently installed in the gym. This makes feedback training and movement analysis even more effective. If desired, flexible cameras can be added to the system.

Stationary Cameras

Several cameras are installed at different positions in the hall. So the system is ready for use at any time.

System Structure

This is how your multi-camera system could be set up in ice hockey.

Multiple Perspectives

Thanks to different viewing angles, you can analyze your athletes even better.

The fully equipped multi-camera system - our utilius kiwano.

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