Video Analysis in Football. How It Works.

Improve your techniques and tactics in soccer training and play - through video-supported feedback training and match analysis. We offer various software solutions for footballers - from the simple sports video player 'utilius fairplay' to the more comprehensive video analysis system 'utilius vs' and professional multi-camera systems 'utilius kiwano'. Learn more about how we can support footballers in their training.

More Success Thanks to Video Analysis

More Effective Football Training

A video analysis software gives the coach valuable information about movements and techniques in football, making training, debriefing or competition preparation more efficient. It helps the players to improve faster and to perfect movement sequences.


Precise Analysis of Movements

Techniques in fast movements are difficult to see with the naked eye. Our systems help you to analyse movements and sequences together with your players - frame by frame. 

Train certain shots, movements or maneuvers: Play videos synchronously side by side or on top of each other. This allows an analysis of changes and training successes over a longer period of time.

Find Important Scenes Easily

Tag individual moves or movements, play them back comfortably or save them. Without having to watch the whole video again. Then share the videos with your team.


Video Analysis in Soccer:

Our Solutions

With the right video analysis system you can help your team to more success in training and match. We offer you the right solution - no matter if you need a sports video player, a professional video analysis system or a complete multi-camera system.
Sprechen Sie uns gern an und wir finden gemeinsam heraus, welche Lösung am besten zu Ihren Anforderungen passt.

utilius fairplay 5

The optimal software for your feedback training. utilius fairplay 5 is the choice for getting started with video analysis.

utilius vs

Video analysis for every sport. Evaluate recordings professionally, tag scenes, manage your athletes and more.

utilius kiwano

Das Multikamera-System besteht aus Videoanalyse-Software und Hardware (Kameras, Tablets, Monitoren, etc.). Individuell für Sie zusammengestellt.

Case study 1: utilius fairplay 5

Scoring Training with Video Analysis

A laptop with utilius fairplay 5 and a connected webcam is sufficient, for example placed on a small table at the side of the goal.

So kann der Fussballer nach seinem Schuss zum Laptop gehen und seine Bewegung direkt ansehen. Dank Timeshift-Funktion mit zeitversetzter Wiedergabe geht das sogar während der laufenden Aufnahme. Der Zeitversatz kann hier frei gewählt werden, so dass die Zeit genau für den Weg zum Laptop reicht. Wenn die Korrektur direkt nach der Ausführung der Bewegung stattfindet, erhöht das den Lernerfolg und hilft dem Sportler dabei, sich deutlich schneller zu verbessern.

The athlete can also view the image frame by frame or in slow motion. He can see exactly how he moved, what angle his foot was at, etc.


If an athlete has performed the movement particularly well, a series of up to 8 individual images can be exported from the corresponding shot to serve as a teaching aid for the other athletes.

The recordings can also be used to document training success over a longer period of time.

Die Vorteile des Feedbacktrainings:

As an "outside perspective", video analysis enables the quick information to be linked to the subjective perception of movement.

Athletes can thus see their own athletic performance and are able to develop a better self-portrait.

Video analysis significantly improves the perception of movement and error corrections can be formulated more specifically and individually.

The trainer is relieved because the athletes can get their own impression of their performance directly after the shot.

Case study 2: utilius kiwano

Be Prepared for Every Situation with a Multi-Camera System

With permanently installed and remotely controllable cameras around the pitch, you always have everything in view. Align the cameras as you need them. No matter whether it's individual training situations, such as goal-shooting training, or a complete match. With utilius kiwano you can combine shots from different perspectives and mark important moments at the push of a button.

One system, a hundred possibilities: The multi-camera system is built according to your ideas - we take care of hardware and installation. Do you need 3, 4, 5 or more cameras? Do you want the footballers to be able to watch the recordings on a mobile monitor or on a screen? We discuss your requirements and wishes and put the system together individually.

Decide every day anew which camera you need and with which orientation. Use preset shooting scenarios to align all cameras correctly at the same time with just one click.

Then, for example, draw into the image, measure angles and distances or export all selected scenes. Get to know even more functions of utilius kiwano.


Would you like to know how we can make your training even better? Write us a message and we will show you the possibilities that professional video analysis in soccer offers you!

By the Way, We also sponsor software licenses for local clubs in and around Leipzig. Feel free to contact us!

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