Video Analysis in Badminton. This is How it Works.

Drive, Smash and Drop even more effectively. Improve your badminton game in training and competition - with video-supported movement analysis and feedback training.

We'll Show You How:

More Effective Training

The video analysis software provides valuable information on movements and techniques and makes training, follow-up or competition preparation more efficient. It helps athletes to improve faster and to optimize their movements.


Precise Analysis of Movements

Techniques in fast movements are difficult to see with the naked eye. You can use our software to evaluate movements and sequences directly with your athletes - picture by picture. 

You can also compare the movements of an athlete or several athletes. Play videos synchronously next to or on top of each other. This allows you to analyze changes and training successes over a longer period of time.

Find Important Scenes Easily

Tag individual movements, save them and play them back conveniently. No need to watch the entire video again.

Our Multi-Camera System in Badminton

Several cameras will be permanently installed in the gym. This makes feedback training and movement analysis even more effective. If desired, flexible cameras can be added to the system.

Stationary Cameras

Several cameras are installed at different positions in the hall and record the players from different perspectives.

System Structure

This is how your multi-camera system could be built.

Different Perspectives

Get different viewing angles on your athletes for even better motion analysis.

The fully equipped multi-camera system - our utilius kiwano.

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