Improve your perception in equestrian sports.

Perfect your movements by using video analysis software. It doesn't matter whether you have been riding for many years or have just started - video-based analysis in a wide range of equestrian sports will help you optimize training for you and your horse and achieve better competition results.

How to take off in equestrian sport:

The correct posture

The video analysis can lead to a better perception - the rider can recognize mistakes and causes of incorrect posture and work on these in a targeted manner.


Objective Feedback

By installing video cameras, it is possible to take a look from different perspectives. This helps to objectively analyze problems - without time-consuming and unnecessary repetitions.

The feedback is clear and comprehensible. Video recordings can be viewed several times.

Analyze movements precisely

The learning success is positively influenced, evaluation takes place just a few seconds after the movement is performed. Analysis is already possible during training. 

This has a positive influence on learning success. Together with a professional trainer, the rider can objectively evaluate their own performance and movements (and that of the horse).


These areas are suitable:

Video analysis can provide a better perception of the body, posture and movement sequences. It can be used in various areas: In addition to ground and manual work, videos can also be used for movement analysis, for example. However, the main area for video analysis is equestrian sports.

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Our multi-camera system for riders

In addition to our software, we offer a fully equipped multi-camera system - our utilius kiwano.

Installing video cameras enables a view from several perspectives. This makes it even easier to provide feedback in equestrian sports. If required, the system can also be supplemented with flexible cameras.

The fully equipped multi-camera system - our utilius kiwano.

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