Mobile video analysis in a suitcase

Are you ready to take your training to the next level? Our mobile video analysis system for sports gives you the tools you need to improve your performance, identify weaknesses and perfect your skills - all in the comfort of a suitcase.

Why choose our mobile video analysis system?

Precise analysis in real time

Track your movements and actions with maximum accuracy. Our system provides real-time data that allows you to improve your technique and tactics directly on the pitch.

Simple use

Our user-friendly software makes recording, playing back and analyzing your videos a breeze. No complex setup, no complicated technology - it's ready to use straight away and you can concentrate fully on your training.

Video feedback for better learning

Sportler erhalten dank TimeShift-Funktion sofortiges Feedback zu ihrer Leistung. Das verbessert die Lerneffekte des Trainings und hilft Stärken und Schwächen zu identifizieren, um gezielt an Bewegungen oder Spielzügen zu arbeiten.


Versatile sports

Whether soccer, basketball, tennis or athletics - our system adapts to different sports and can be set up quickly on any field or in any hall thanks to its case.

High quality

Our system is equipped with high-quality and robust Axis cameras that record at 100 frames per second in Full HD - for the best image quality. So you don't miss even the smallest details.

Functions that really make a difference

Time-shifted playback during recording (TimeShift). Drawing in the video for explanations of movements or moves. Marking of important points in the video (Tagging) and evaluation of scenes. Our software offers you the functions that really improve your training.

How does it work?

1. Recording

The up to 4 mobile cameras can be set up in a short time. Scan the QR code or open the web app and start recording.

2. Analysis

Use tagging to record movements and actions during training. Recognize patterns, identify potential for improvement and compare games, athletes or developments.

3. Real Time Feedback

While you train, you receive immediate feedback through the TimeShift function. Improve your technique and tactics, correct movements and see your progress in real time.

4. Save & Share

Save your analyses and share them with your team. Work together on strategies to improve performance.

Invest in better training - Order today!

Today's professional athletes know that the key to success lies in continuous improvement. With our mobile video analysis, you can work specifically on weak points, refine your technique and gain an edge over the competition. Don't miss the opportunity to revolutionize your training. Order our mobile video analysis system now and start your journey to peak performance in sport!

Clubs and coaches from Leipzig and the surrounding area also have the option of borrowing the mobile case system and testing it in their own training sessions. Just get in touch with us!


Mobile video analysis system in a case

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Video laden

The "Utilius Kiwano Case" is a versatile case system that allows the user to carry out video analyses flexibly at any location. Software and coordinated hardware are bundled in a single system.

Wi-Fi cameras can be added as required for even more flexible positioning in the room. It is also possible to connect Bluetooth control devices, such as Flicc buttons, which make it easy to start and stop recording or mark scenes.

The case has been specially assembled and contains, among other things:


- A powerful mini PC for recording, playback, control and AI

- A high-speed router for an independent network and with PoE camera connection

- A power switch for the individual components with independent fuse protection

- A wide range of connection options - in addition to cameras and monitor/projector, hard disks, USB sticks etc. can also be connected

Is it for you?

The flexibility of our system makes it suitable for various scenarios. It is currently in use here, among other places:

-Small to medium-sized clubs

-Beginners in video analysis

-Competitions and training facilities all over the world

-Fitness studios

-Sports scientists who work on different locations

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