Video Analysis in Football. How It Works.

Improve your football training and game techniques and tactics with video-assisted feedback training and match analysis.

More Success Thanks to Video Analysis Software

More Effective Football Training

A video analysis software gives valuable information about movements and techniques in football and makes training, followup or competition preparation more efficient. It helps athletes to improve faster and to perfect their movements.


Precise Analysis of Movements

Techniques in fast movements are difficult to see with the naked eye. Therefore, evaluate movements and sequences directly with your footballers - picture by picture. 

Train specific shots, movements or maneuvers: Play videos synchronously side by side or on top of each other. This allows you to analyse changes and training successes over a longer period of time.

Find Important Scenes Easily

Tag individual moves or movements, save them and play them back conveniently. No need to watch the entire video again.


Video Analysis Software for Footballers

utilius fairplay 5

The optimal software for your feedback training. utilius fairplay 5 is the choice for getting started with video analysis.

utilius vs

Video analysis for every sport. Evaluate recordings professionally, tag scenes, manage your athletes and more.

utilius kiwano

The multi-camera system consists of video analysis software and hardware (cameras, tablets, monitors, etc.). Individually assembled for you.